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Do you know the average life span of your AC? Let us tell you. On average, an AC must run well for around 12-15 years. With basic care, it must offer efficient cooling and operation for over a decade. If your AC had started making odd noise in that duration, it indicates a lack of care. There can be other factors too. Anyway, in most cases, this could be the result of lack of attention and care. While the lack of care is one factor, poor service by a novice is another.

If your AC is not functioning well even after a recent service, then it indicates that your air conditioner needs professional assistance of Air Conditioning Repair Chandler. There is a chance that the technician you hired before, didn't do his job properly. Poor service is as adverse for AC as no service. Thus, hire only an expert and certified technician of AC Repair Chandler.

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Dr. Chandler AC Repair has got a team of pros. We are offering best air conditioning repair Chandler AZ from a decade. The person you hire must have experience in dealing with air conditioning units. Also, instead of hiring some random technician, hire AC Repair Chandler AZ. They will be more used-to with AC units than others.

It's difficult to identify the care call of your air conditioner. But you can pay attention to a few factors. You can keep a check on air circulated by AC. If it starts blowing warm air, means its time to get your air conditioner servicing. Another thing you can notice is the sound made by your AC. Generally, ACs use to make a soothing ‘hmm’ while in operation. If its start making any odd sounds, you can call AC Repair Chandler AZ and get your air conditioner servicing. We will be there to check your air conditioner within no time.

Even negligible factors like dirt or dust build up can cause AC breakdown. Lack of cleanliness constitutes to the common reason of broken AC. People often forget to replace their filters. But if you take a moment to clean the filters, you are saving your wallet and lungs! If you’ve got a tight schedule, hire a reliable Chandler AC Repair expert. They will reach you time to time for quality air conditioning repair chandler and polish out the remote parts of your unit. The huge amount of energy bill can be reduced by clearing the dust/ dirt build up.

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Our care package of AC Repair in Chandler AZ comes with the following benefits:-

Half yearly Maintenance (two times a Year).

The care package that you purchase from Chandler AC Repair, includes half yearly maintenance. In this, we include a proper inspection of coils and the condenser. Along with these, our expert will check the compressor and the refrigerant. Also, a checkup of Freon leaks is included. Our visit will surely keep your whole air conditioning unit running properly.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services.

AC issues can pop up from nowhere. So it is wiser to have a service provider to get you emergency services. AC Repair Chandler AZ provides 24/7 emergency services for any sudden breakdowns. Even in the half-yearly check-ups, we fix the issues and give a repair. It is quite a headache to figure out the root of breakdown yourself. And it is risky to get on a DIY ac repair. So it is beneficial to have a Chandler AC Repair at service. Also, a quick fix can help to avoid heavy replacement costs. You can contact us for expert anytime.

Regular AC cleaning.

Everyone does not know that frequent cleaning can stretch the lifespan of AC. It can make so much difference. As per different surveys, dirt is the most common factor leading to AC failure. With a dust build up, there would be greater energy needed to operate. Capacitors and fans have to work harder to maintain the temperature. Gradually, the fore thus generated either blows out a part or the unit or reduces the efficiency. Moreover, this piles up the energy bill as well.

Anyway, cleaning it yourself might not be fine always. Because you may not have the necessary tools and gear. You cannot reach the remote parts. Moreover, you may not know to put it together back properly. So having regular cleaning of your air conditioner by AC Repair Chandler will help in an increase in the life span of it. up by an expert technician will be better.

Dr. Chandler AC Repair offers the most reliable work and lasting solutions at the most economical price. We have Chandler in our name and dedicatedly offering the best AC repair, installation and maintenance services in Chandler AZ. For Emergency AC Repair Chandler AZ, contact us and our expert will be at your doorstep within no time. So for whom are you waiting? Choose the right one, by getting connected with us today!

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